"One can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care. Such is the quality of bees.."
  - Leo Tolstoy


Tristan and Rebecca Campbell moved to Tasmania in 2000.  They were drawn by its island magnetism, its uniqueness in the world, and its clean/green environment and lifestyle.  Previous lives spent in rugged western North America, as well as tropical Australia, coupled with a lifelong passion and appreciation for the intricacies of nature, led them to set up a beekeeping venture in Tasmania. 

Starting with one hive, the couple have now grown the business (along with two wonderful children) to the multifaceted place where it is today - a few hundred hives, a stall in an award-winning farmers' market (Harvest Launceston), a soon to be completed factory and interpretation centre and an exciting new tourism experience.

When it comes to the bees, their hives and everything in between, Honey Tasmania treats every aspect with the utmost care and respect, resulting in a product that proudly reflects the honeybee and the unique Tasmanian environment. Tristan and Rebecca live and breathe everything that their beautiful region has to offer. Though the business of bees can be a lot of work, Honey Tasmania is powered by the immense amount of love that they have for both their bees and the beautiful Tasmanian landscape that they pollinate. 

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