Honey Tasmania invites you to experience the delicious and fascinating world of honey, learn about the remarkable journey from flower source to jar, and appreciate the wonder that is the honeybee.


Come into our warm and welcoming shop in the Quadrant Mall, where you can taste uniquely different varieties of pure raw honey made by our millions of industrious bees.  We move our hives to various locations in the north of Tasmania, following the flow of nectar and pollen, allowing us to bring you over 15 distinctive honeys.

Our shop also offers a wide range of honey alcohol, including traditional meads, honey liqueurs, honey whiskeys, and honey ales - the largest selection in Australia.

Medicinal benefits from honey and other honeybee products (royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen), are available as a remedy for many of your ailments.  Why not try what many cultures around the world have found relief from for thousands of years.

Giftware made locally, including handmade ceramic honey pots, handmade jewellery celebrating the beauty of the honeybee, an extensive range of soap and other honey-based beauty products, and tasty honey treats like lollipops and handmade chocolates that melt in your mouth, can be found throughout the shop.

Meet Tristan or Rebecca, the beekeeper and the honey seller, who are two of the most passionate and knowledgeable bee lovers you will find - either at the shop or at Launceston’s Harvest Farmer's Market every Saturday.



Find out about our organisation, mission, our methods, and our love of honeybees...

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Honey varieties

Want to find out what types of trees, scrubs and flowers our bees visit and make honey from?

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